Pet Fleas & Ticks

Unfortunately, Texas does not experience cold enough weather to eliminate fleas and ticks during winter. Therefore, fleas and ticks are a year-round concern for pet owners.

Pet Fleas & Ticks in Benbrook, TX

As a year-round problem, fleas and ticks multiply and can cause health problems for our pets.

Pet Fleas & Ticks

We recommend keeping all your pets on year-round flea and tick prevention to kill existing populations and prevent new ones from starting. We have flea and tick prevention products available for purchase in our clinic and online store that we recommend based on your pet’s lifestyle.

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We aim to give your cherished pets the best care and comfort possible while waging a tenacious war on pet fleas and ticks in Benbrook, TX, and surrounding areas. Our devoted team of veterinary professionals is prepared with cutting-edge solutions to protect your beloved pals from these pesky visitors.

We provide specialized treatments suited to your pet’s needs with compassion and knowledge, ensuring they remain healthy, content, and flea-free. When your pet enters our facility, they become a family member, and we treat them accordingly.

Choose Animal Doctors Veterinary Medical Center for a devoted ally in the health of your pet. Together, let’s keep those tails wagging and those hearts purring. Because we think all pets should live free of fleas and ticks.