Pet Internal Medicine

At Animal Doctors Veterinary Medical Center, we believe a thorough physical examination is of the utmost importance for the health and future well-being of your pet.

Pet Internal Medicine in Benbrook, TX

Our physical examination includes the veterinarian‘s assessment of the ears, eyes, teeth, skin, heart and respiratory functions, and muscular and overall body condition of your pet.

Pet Internal Medicine

Alongside labwork, the exam offers insight into possible serious health issues affecting your pet. Caught early, most of these problems can be prevented and/or treated with diet, medications, or lifestyle changes. It has been estimated that dogs and cats age seven times faster than we do. As a result, diseases such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, kidney disease, liver disease, and even cancer can develop at a very early age. Often, these problems cannot be discovered by physical examination alone. With this in mind, we recommend that your pet have a complete blood count, a biochemistry panel, and a urinalysis performed each year during their wellness visit. Blood testing complements the doctor’s exam and allows us to discover illnesses at an early stage before your pet becomes sick. Treatment success is much better when disease processes are caught at an early stage. Yearly wellness blood testing allows this.

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We offer a degree of care above and beyond the standard thanks to our staff of devoted veterinary professionals. Because we are aware of the worries associated with pet ailments, we care for your animal friends’ mental and physical health.

Animal Doctors Veterinary Medical Center knows that valued family members are more than simply pets. We provide exceptional pet internal medicine in Benbrook, Texas, because of this. Our goal is to improve the lives of committed pet owners and their furry companions by igniting hope and healing.

Enter a world of compassionate veterinary care. Please make an appointment today with our veterinary team. At our clinic, love and medicine intersect perfectly; you can trust us with your pets.