Pet Heartworms

Currently, 15.1 million pet owners in the United States do not use heartworm prevention to safeguard their pets against these parasites.

Pet Heartworms in Benbrook, TX

This is a horrible statistic, as heartworm disease can be deadly to dogs and cats but is very preventable. 

Pet Heartworms

Animal Doctors Veterinary Medical Center recommends starting puppies and kittens on monthly heartworm prevention as early as six weeks of age and continuing every month for the rest of their lives. In Texas, heartworm testing should be performed on every dog every year. A comment that we routinely hear is: “My pet has never missed a dose of heartworm medicine. Do I still really need to have them tested every year?” Absolutely. No preventatives are 100% effective 100% of the time. There are too many variables involved. If you give heartworm-preventative medication to an unknowingly heartworm-positive dog, serious problems and even death can occur!

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Heartworms are easily spread by mosquitoes that can infect your pet with one bite, and heartworm disease is devastating to those pets who acquire it. For our feline friends, it only takes one heartworm to be fatal.

Please have your pet tested annually and keep them on prevention for life. We now proudly recommend the Proheart 12 injection that provides year-round protection from heartworm disease in dogs. We recommend Revolution Plus for our feline friends to prevent heartworms as well as a number of other parasites.

We know the stress that heartworms can bring, so don’t be concerned—we are here to help you every step of the way. We cater our services to your pet’s requirements, from heartworm testing to customized prevention strategies. You may be confident that we prioritize the health of your pets in all we do.

Join our animal-loving neighborhood in Benbrook, Texas, and let’s keep your pets content, wholesome, and heartworm-free. For compassionate treatment from a staff that genuinely appreciates what it means to be a pet parent, turn to Animal Doctors Veterinary Medical Center. Make an appointment immediately to start a path of protection and love for your dogs.